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Congratulations, you’re engaged!….Now What?!

Engaged Couples Hands In Wedding

For newly engaged couples, there is the thrill of the life ahead. Folks are in bliss after finding their life partner—as they should be!—and, so, many couples ask me why in the world would they need a couples retreat?!… They are so in love! Preparing for marriage through focused attention on its foundations is the best way to support your relationship.

Invest In Your Relationship:

The simple answer is that there is no better time to invest in your relationship than at the beginning. Taking time to learn about each other in a structured and intentional way helps cement the understanding you both need to take care of each other in the good times and the bad. That’s what you will be promising to do on the “big day”. Taking time now to strengthen the skills needed to meet future challenges will also strengthen your future connection. Taking the time now to create the Agreements that commit you together gives you a road map to guide you when things get sticky. And, taking time now to develop healthy habits helps maintain the passion and connection you feel so readily right now.

Preparing for Marriage:

Some of my favorite couples in my counseling practice are those preparing for marriage. Many of them haven’t even thought yet to consider what can be the really hard stuff. Having the support of a therapist to talk through money, children, sex, time and mess, with a focus on care while doing so, helps these couples understand how they feel and negotiate through these issues. At the same time, they are learning to pay attention to what really matters in all these topics–making sure their partner feels seen, understood and loved even in disagreement.


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