Newlywed Couple

Couples Coaching from Secure Connections

Feeling stuck and unable to bring the life back into your relationship? Heartbroken to have lost the love and connection you used to have with each other?

Won’t it be amazing to feel confident about what is needed to maintain a healthy, thriving relationship?

Relationship coaching will lead you to powerful and immediate change and help you create the relationship of your dreams. Carolyn's 25 years of experience helping build secure, vibrant relationships, her skills at helping couples locate and understand the source of their challenges and move past them, and her passion for building thriving, secure connections will have the two of you back in love and having a blast together as you put her program to work! 

As opposed to traditional couple's therapy which is focused on healing deep or long-standing injuries, couples coaching is goal-based and future-focused on developing the skills and processes needed to create health. You and your partner set a goal, determine the length of the coaching package and set to work. Carolyn provides worksheets and videos to practice the skills that will quickly and permanently deepen your relationship and increase the joy, passion and connection you crave. 

FIRE IT UP! The 6 Week Coaching Program to End Your Stupid Fights And Rediscover the Connection You Have Lost!


How Does This Work?

In our first phone call, we will determine your specific needs and goals and decide how to tailor the 6 weeks to you. This 6 week package will teach you all the tools to stop the unproductive, stupid fights and reconnect the way you have been craving.  Carolyn will develop your plan with you to make sure it addresses your unique roadblocks to connection! Whether you fight about socks on the floor, who is abusing their cell phone more, why they won't listen to you, we will get underneath and past these fights to the connection you have both been missing. At the end of the 6 weeks, you will feel closer, more confident and ready to tackle your life as the team you committed to. All work is based on the principles Carolyn developed for building vibrant, secure functioning relationships. 

Sessions are 75 minutes long, held over zoom or in person. Zoom sessions are recorded so that you can replay them and use the discussion and practice replay to continue the learning after session. Worksheets and video exercises are provided for between sessions to continue the work and are required to participate in individualized couples coaching. Carolyn offers Voice message support between sessions so that you can get additional support when you get stuck. 


Secure Connections Coaching Programs are collaborative and individually tailored to your specific situation and goals for your marriage or partnership.  If interested, please contact us for more information or to discuss how you may benefit from this option.


Love is love and all forms of relationship are welcomed and supported!