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“Love rests on two pillars: surrender and autonomy.”

~Ester Perel

PACT Couples Workshops in Seattle

Take a deep dive to lift your relationship to the next level

Learn the secrets to transforming your relationship in minutes a day.
Free Mini Course:
Join Carolyn for the QUICK and EASY ways to Reignite Your Marriage.
Learn how to Banish the Boring and Fire Up The Fun in just minutes a day!

Beginning January 3, 2023

Create the Relationship of Your Dreams through the 
Landmark Program

The Fire It Up Marriage Accelerator: 

Taking Your Relationship from Roommates to Romance

  • Are you ready to return to the love you promised each other?

  • Are you feeling like you are succeeding everywhere except in your relationship?

  • You feel LIKE You're just platonic room-mates, not soul-mates?

In this incredible 6 month program, you will be led through the incredible 4 step program to creating vitality, health and a renewed romantic connection without spending hours in therapy, wasted time in unproductive conversations or losing yourselves to co-dependency. 12 lessons, offered live or recorded, live coaching from Carolyn, weekly Q & A's and lots of support. Full program only requires the same time commitment you give to your favorite netflix show! 

Limited Seats for both formats so apply today! Founders Group Discount and Bonuses. Do NOT wait! 

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