“Love rests on two pillars: surrender and autonomy.”

~Ester Perel

PACT Couples Workshops in Seattle

Take a deep dive to lift your relationship to the next level

Has the pandemic taken the life out of your relationship? Feeling more like roommates than lovers? Needing help not spending all your little energy fighting about stupid stuff? 

If any of these feel true, join us at one of the Spring Clean Your Relationship: Release And renew masterclass on May 21st to revive your relationship and find some fun! 

IN-PERSON SEATTLE AUGUST 27, 2022 9:30-4:30




Learn the One Psychological Tool To Solve

the 3 Biggest Fights All Couples Have

Get past the fight cycle and get what you want!

  • Are you tired of repeating the fights that never go anywhere?

  • Frustrated that you can never reach resolution?

  • Feeling lost why you can't get past the same conversations over and over?

In this 6 hour training, you will learn the one process to solve the three biggest fights and get closer in the process. Through instruction and guided exercises, Carolyn will help you learn the proven process to stop the bickering, passive-aggression and never-ending arguments to create resolution and connection around Money, Sex and Time! 

Limited Seats for both formats so sign up today! 


The Power of “I’m Sorry”: How repairing injuries is your most helpful tool for a healthy relationship.

Repair is one of the most important pieces of relationship maintenance. As human beings, we are all messy and imperfect and you will make many errors over the course of your relationship. Mistakes are not a problem. But mistakes repeated without repair are stored in our memories and create expectations of future hurts and an atmosphere absent of safety and security. Repairing resolves this and creates strength, connection, and safety for both of you. 


Spark or Fire: Learning to use your conflict to grow closer.

Sharing a life with another person is easily the most difficult thing we do as adults. It is also the most worthwhile. Your differences which attracted you to each other and created that spark are now annoyances and difficulties that ignite battles about housework, parenting, hobbies, sex, money and all the other things you share. Learning how to resolve these differences and feel good at the end of these struggles is critically important to staying connected toward your shared goals.


In this half-day workshop, Carolyn will provide the neurobiological information to help you understand how fights start and how to support each other from getting tipped into “fight or flight” with one another. Through fun and lively exercises, she will help you feel the difference in learning to fight and recover quickly in creating “win-win” situations in ANY conflict.