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“Love rests on two pillars: surrender and autonomy.”

~Ester Perel

PACT Couples Workshops in Seattle

Take a deep dive to lift your relationship to the next level

Free Mini Course:
Join Carolyn for the QUICK and EASY ways to Reignite Your Marriage.
Learn how to Banish the Boring and Fire Up The Fun in just minutes a day!
Create the Relationship of Your Dreams through the 
Landmark Program

The Fire It Up Marriage Accelerator: 

Taking Your Relationship from Roommates to Romance

  • Are you ready to return to the love you promised each other?

  • Are you feeling like you want more with each other?

  • Are you feeling more like just platonic room-mates, and not the soul-mates you want to be?

In this incredible 6 month program, you will be led through the incredible 4 step program to creating vitality, health and a rich romantic connection without spending hours in therapy, wasted time in unproductive conversations or losing yourselves to co-dependency. 12 self-paced lessons, guides and exercises to keep for your lifetime, live coaching from Carolyn, weekly Q & A's and lots of support. Full program only requires the same time commitment you give to your favorite netflix show! 

Limited Seats so apply today! Do NOT wait! 

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