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About Us

Changing the world, one healthy couple at a time

At Secure Connections, we are on a mission to create a better world by helping couples build stronger relationships. People in healthy relationships feel better, get more done, and contribute to positive change in the world. They carry their relationship skills into their workplaces, families, and communities. As parents, they raise healthy and happy children and teach positive relationships for the younger generations. They model cooperation, collaboration, and compassion in all their interactions in the world.

Our work, directed by our founder, Carolyn Sharp, is based on the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT) and is accessible via couples counseling sessions, couple's intensives, workshops, and couples retreats.





Serious Couple Portrait

Be clear about the best direction to take your relationship

Through a compassionate and structured process backed by scientific research, we guide you through the difficult decision about whether you are committing to your relationship or moving on.

By observing micro-movements and other physiological responses, we support your decision-making process by observing whether there is a recoverable connection or whether one or both parties have already emotionally withdrawn.

We support both members and the relationship in feeling clear and strong and in the decision and its repercussions.

Image by Joshua Ness

Gain the tools you need to maintain a healthy and vital relationship

We use highly experiential processes to help you identify what the real issues are in your relationship and how they developed.


We use proven exercises to capture and clarify your relationship dynamics. We teach you how you developed the ways you are with each other to clarify and deepen your understanding of and compassion for each other.

Once we have helped you understand the deeper needs that drive the problematic reactions and responses, we teach you new ways to interact with each other based in care and compassion. You will develop a relationship based in fairness, justice, and reciprocity which supports you both in being the healthiest and most fulfilled version of yourselves.

Happy Couple

Feel happier and more connected in your relationship

Our fun and fast-moving process identifies small changes and new behaviors that deliver results fast.

By replacing a negative feedback loop with a positive one, you seek out opportunities to do things that make each other happier building successful habits and traditions. New patterns create long-lasting connection.

As you experience greater intimacy and connection, you both feel better physically and create positive changes in all areas of your life.

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