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Life is too short 
for a boring 
marriage. You deserve more.

The most powerful coaching to bring your relationship
back to life.

Set your relationship back on track.

Let’s face it, modern life is stressful. With constant demands on your time and attention, it’s not surprising that you’ve neglected what used to be your north star – your relationship. You are disconnected from each other. You are stuck in a cycle of go-nowhere fights. You miss the spark that made you excited to see each other at the end of the day.  You long for the days when the two of you were in sync on most things and could laugh at misunderstandings and miscommunications. 

You long for a deeper and more profound connection!


You understand that getting your relationship to its healthiest will take some work but

you are ready because it’s worth it. You are a conscious and committed couple who just wants to 

stop the stupid fights and find the spark that's lost under all the laundry!

I will teach you how to bring back the spark and build the healthiest relationship for a life filled with love, fun and adventure. 


Join Fire It Up! The 12 session coaching program to 

Build the Connections You Long For! 



Let go of ambivalence and commit fully to your relationship

Couple Showing Affection


Understand your relationship dynamics and learn a new way of being together



Create lasting happiness quickly by developing new behaviors and habits

Holiday Harmony Workshop

Are you excited and ready for the holidays?

Or are you worried about the in-laws, the chaos and the disagreements about what to do and what to skip this year?


Does family drama, too many plans, resentments over who is doing more get in the way of the joy, gratitude and connection of the holidays? 


Download the workshop “HOLIDAY HARMONY”

And have the peaceful, happy and connected holidays you both deserve.

What you will get: 

*Understand what really causes that holiday stress. 

*Learn the triggers that cause the disconnections and fights that create the disconnection!

*Learn how to navigate those visits with in-laws without either of you feeling defensive or caught in the middle!

*Create powerful proactive agreements that help you sail through the holidays feeling supported, connected and happy.

*Get the tools for family, parties, meals, outings and all the other holiday events to prevent struggle and create joy and ease.


This 90 minute workshop will create more connection, communication and collaboration for the two of you to take you through the holidays and beyond! 
$47 for the workshop, exercises and guidebook. Bonus included! 

Resource For Your Relationship


Free Guide To Reviving Your Relationship! 


In this guide, you will learn 5 tips you can do RIGHT now to reinvigorate your relationship in just moments every day.


Practice these daily and watch your relationship come back to life. 

Psychobiological approach to relationship coaching in Seattle

Under the leadership of Carolyn Sharp, Secure Connections offers coaching,  VIP experiences, couples retreats and workshops based on PACT in Seattle and Zoom to couples around the world.

In this work, I use science based interventions to help couples notice their reactions to one another as they occur and learn how to address one another's attachment needs. It is based on the belief that understanding the human need for connection will help couples form more secure attachments and deepen their existing connections by developing secure-functioning relationships based on mutuality, sensitivity, collaboration, and fairness. 

Please click here if you are looking for couples counselling.


In the words of Maya Angelou, when we know better, we do better. At Secure Connections, we are working to bringing you relationship insights to expand your awareness.

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