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Apply Now To The Transformational Group Program Fire It Up!
Next Live Round Starting April 12. APPLY HERE

Create greater intimacy and connection in your relationship

Relationship coaching and retreats for Seattle couples

Set your relationship on a new course

Let’s face it, modern life is stressful. With constant demands on your time and attention, it’s not surprising that you’ve neglected what used to be your north star – your relationship. This may leave you feeling disconnected from your partner. You may be trapped in a cycle of go-nowhere fights. You might miss the spark that made you excited to see each other at the end of the day.  You long for the days when the two of you were in sync on most things and could laugh at misunderstandings and miscommunications.


You understand that getting your relationship back on track will take some work but

you are ready because it’s worth it. You are a conscious and committed couple who just wants to 

stop the stupid fights and find the spark that's lost under all the laundry!


Join Fire It Up! The 12 Week Coaching Program to 

Find the Connections You Have Lost! 



Let go of ambivalence and commit fully to your relationship

Couple Showing Affection


Understand your relationship dynamics and learn a new way of being together



Create lasting happiness quickly by developing new behaviors and habits

Offerings from Secure Connections Retreats

The Fire It Up Marriage Accelerator: 
Take Your Relationship From Roommates to Romance

​Create the relationship you have been craving without hours of time, awkward exercises, and giving up anything you love.

Program begins January 3rd, and this founder's group has limited openings, so apply now. 

Founder's discount available until January 1! 

Free Guide To Reviving Your Relationship! 


In this guide, you will learn 5 tips you can do RIGHT now to reinvigorate your relationship in just moments every day.


Practice these daily and watch your relationship come back to life. 

Psychobiological approach to relationship coaching in Seattle

Under the leadership of Carolyn Sharp, Secure Connections offers coaching,  VIP experiences, couples retreats and workshops based on PACT in Seattle

In this work, I use science based interventions to help couples notice their reactions to one another as they occur and learn how to address one another's attachment needs. It is based on the belief that understanding the human need for connection will help couples form more secure attachments and deepen their existing connections by developing secure-functioning relationships based on mutuality, sensitivity, collaboration, and fairness. 

Please click here if you are looking for couples counselling.


In the words of Maya Angelou, when we know better, we do better. At Secure Connections, we are working to bringing you relationship insights to expand your awareness.

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