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Now on Youtube! No More Walking Dead: Waking Your Relationship Back Up from the Pandemic

Last night I achieved a feat of going live on three different platforms at once and my computer did not explode! I did do it sideways on instagram, but that is a story for another day....

Here is the recording of the talk I gave which is now on youtube, with all the glitches of me getting set up edited out. I spoke about the impact the COVID pandemic has had on relationships and why so many couples are having such difficulty. That difficulty is what has inspired the series of classing which begin February 9th on Bringing Back the Joy, to help couples recover from the impacts of COVID and lockdown and work and school from home. It has been an intense couple of years and all couples deserve support!

Have a look and let me know your thoughts and questions. If you like what you see, sign up for the first class on February 9th for more of this. I will share a little bit about how relationships are supposed to work, why COVID threw a wrench in things and then facilitate exercises for you and your partner to do together during the class in the privacy of your own home which will create an immediate positive result.


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